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Rose Petal Lip Balm


It is hard not to want to make all your recipes with rose petals now that they are in bloom in everyone’s garden. After enjoying my rose and olive castile soap I decided to put rose petal infused olive oil in a lip balm recipe. I have read that shea butter and raspberry seed oil have nice sun protection factor or SPF so it seemed like a good idea to include it into my recipe but I still recommend wearing a nice floppy hat on a hot sunny day.

Here is my recipe…. I made it on the soft side because my daughter said she prefers a softer balm.

Rose Petal Lip Balm

22 grams beeswax

16 grams cocoa butter

16 grams aloe butter

20 grams of shea butter

12 grams of raspberry seed oil

6 grams of apricot kernel oil

4 grams or less vitamin E oil

20 grams of rose petal infused olive oil

This is a very simple and straight forward recipe after you have made your rose petal infused oil. First measure all of your ingredients on your scale. I like to weigh everything in grams. Melt the beeswax in pourable Pyrex large glass measuring cup set in a double boiler. I poured in some of the liquid oils at this point.

I set the measuring cup on a metal trivet in the bottom of my large pot of boiling water. If you have a microwave please use it in short intervals only as you do not want to overheat the beeswax. Heat one minute, stir, heat 40 seconds, etc.

After the beeswax is melted, add the cocoa butter and aloe butter and the last of the liquid oils except for the vitamin E oil. I stir in the shea butter last. Add your vitamin E oil at the very end so it doesn’t evaporate out. Stir well. Quickly pour your melted mixture into what ever containers you like. I happened to have some oval tubes. I also have this handy dandy lip balm holder that saves a lot of time and energy. But if you don’t have one just use a large elastic band to keep your tubes upright as you are filling them.


I really had fun making up these pretty labels on Publisher. I then sent them to my local printer to have them done up on some sticky label paper.

Next time I would like to use SKS packaging’s small cardboard tubes.

See link below to marvel at them.

I thought I would leave this batch unflavoured because I find the flavouring often makes your lips chapped, which is not what I am going for. I thought it might be fun to infuse the batch with a single strand of a real vanilla bean. It smells wonderful but I should have infused the oils longer because I can’t taste the vanilla at all. I also decided not to add any sweetener like honey because I have trouble mixing it into the melted butters and oils. But please do experiment.

These lip balms are pure moisture. The oils and butters feel like you have rose petals kissing your lips.


(How to clean up afterwards)

I suggest that you heat the glass Pyrex glass up again on the stove and then wipe it out with a paper towel to get the greasy parts off. I  then add a splash of white vinegar and let it sit for a bit before washing with hot soapy water.




Simple body product recipes

Tattoo & Body Balm Recipe

My whole family has tattoos. There are fishbones dancing around my husband’s freckled arm, jellyfish tentacles snaking down my youngest’s arm and a tiny wave and black ink whale on my other daughter’s body. So of course I had to make up a natural recipe to keep their skin pliable and moisturized and also to buff up the ink to keep it sharp looking.

I decided to use one of my favourite oils for moisturizing… apricot kernel oil. I also decided to try a new one, raspberry seed oil that is high in sun protection factor or SPF. To add a bit more SPF value I put in a heaping tablespoon of fragrant green tea botanical extract.

I used to make an eczema salve I called ugly butter that was high in shea butter that was well loved. It also had kukui nut oil in it which is quite pricey so I quit making it but I decided to take the high shea butter part of the beloved ugly butter recipe and go from there. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put beeswax in a tattoo balm recipe as it would add a layer of waxiness. But after reading up on the plethora of information on the internet, I agree that it is a preferable ingredient to use instead of anything petroleum based.

Beeswax is great for trapping moisture into the skin, and these three high quality butters; aloe, mango and shea butter are wonderful additions to this balm to keep the skin firm.

Remember to sample a bit of this salve on your body first. Each person’s skin will react to anything, even Lavender essential oil can cause allergies in some people. I don’t add any preservatives because I make these in very small batches. These should last at least six months or longer if you keep them in the refridgerator.


Tattoo & Body Balm

112 grams beeswax

100 grams shea butter

70 grams aloe butter

56 grams mango butter

100 grams apricot kernel oil

96 grams raspberry seed oil

dollop of vit e oil

6-10 grams of Helichrysum oil in jojoba oil

few drops of lavender essential oil ( I used single Bulgarian, my favourite)

a heaping tablespoon of green tea botanical extract stirred in well at the end.

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis

Directions: In a glass double boiler melt the beeswax and mango butter.

After the beeswax is completely melted, slowly pour in the liquid oils and then then stir in the shea butter. When everything is melted put a dollop of vitamin e oil and stir well. Sprinkle in the heaping tablespoon of green tea powder. Oh it smells so sweet! Stir in the essential oils at the very end so they don’t evaporate completely out of your balm. Pour into your containers of choice.

Let cool before putting on the lids. That’s it, you’re done. Time to make dinner or water the garden.

I first tried to make this like a whipped butter. If you want to make a whipped butter please look up my whipped butter recipe, the ones with the Go Go’s album cover on it. The mistake I made in this batch was that I didn’t melt the beeswax enough so I remelted everything, growing weary of waiting for it to cool down and then to whip etc. so I just poured it into my tins like a regular salve recipe which worked out just fine. Sometimes it is tricky to work with a lot of shea butter, as it can get grainy, but this recipe glides across the skin wonderfully, so if you are trying this recipe, you can go either way, it is up to you. I am always in a rush, too many things on my to do list so waiting around for a whipped balm in the freezer is not what I am always inspired to do.

My family loves this balm and I admit I saved a bit for my hands after doing a pile of dishes that we always seem to have clogging up the counters.


Happy balming everyone.

Even if I don’t have a tattoo if I listen to this song when I am driving down the winding roads of Gabriola, dodging wild turkeys, baby deer on bouncing legs, and seniors cycling by in all their fancy bicycling gear, I feel pretty cool, even without a tattoo. And I feel like I almost, just might get a tattoo. At least I have a balm for it now.

Click the link below for Youtube playing The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army.





Simple body product recipes

Face Serum Recipe

I have a very simple face serum recipe that I am going to share with you today.

It has only four ingredients that I weigh out in grams on my scale.

Here are my ingredients-

And here is the world’s most simple yet amazing and super fresh and delicious smelling face serum-



I love the olive oil derived squalane oil- it is very light on the skin and is often called nature’s facelift in a bottle!

Meadowfoam reduces lines and wrinkles and traps moisture under your skin, just where you want it!

Rosehip oil is packed with omega-6 fatty acids which we all know are good for repairing damaged skin.

Carrot seed essential oil is from Queen Anne’s Lace or in latin Daucus carota- contains both vitamin E and vitamin C naturally, which helps to rejuvenate the skin. It is balancing and can be used for both oily and dry skin! There are almost too many good things to name on this amazing oil, but the main reason I am crazy for it is the scent. Sometimes if I am feeling all crazy I may use Helichrysum oil instead of carrot oil… the benefits of Helichrysum include creating a soothing sensation and of course my favorite wrinkle reducer!

Why pay big bucks at the department store when you can make a product that contains no bad preservatives in it and has just a handful of ingredients that are easy to find on many online soap supply companies? Please note I had some plastic dispensers that I am not proud of but have to use up! Next time glass only!

Simple body product recipes

Not Just Another Whipped Shea Butter Recipe—( yes it is)



Today’s recipe is super simple. It hardly takes any time at all. The hardest part I find when making up a whipped shea butter recipe, is finding all of my ingredients- especially finding the attachments for my hand-held crappy blender for instance or searching for the recipe that I wrote down on a scrap of oily paper somewhere. It was not too many years ago that I figured out that I had to have one book, and one book only to scribble all of my recipes down into. So I bought myself this sweet little book and now I hardly ever lose any of my recipes. Below is a picture of the smartest thing I ever did for myself.


First you must pick out an album- you heard it right- album-— musical options are very important to get you going.

Today I chose the Go Go’s. Go girl power! And did you know they wrote all of their own songs?


Measure all of your ingredients out in grams. Melt your butters in a double boiler then stir in your avocado oil. You are welcome to interchange any liquid oils you like, I just happened to have a bottle of avocado oil that I wanted to use up, but feel free to try sweet almond oil, apricot oil or even olive oil. Olive oil tends to be a bit greasy- it sits on top of the skin.

I like to stir in a bit of vitamin e oil after everything is liquidy and let this melted concoction sit for about 20 minutes to cool to room temperature.  I put half of my essential oils in at this point, and the rest in after the first freeze. Put your container into the freezer and set your timer for approximately 20 minutes. Take out and blend this for about 5 minutes and then pop back into the freezer for another 15 minutes or so. Take this out of the freezer and whip up with the turbo button if you desire for approximately five more minutes. And Voila! That’s it. A creamy batch of whipped goodness for your skin. How easy was that? This batch made a bit more than I really needed so I suggest to give these away to everyone you know to get in their good graces. My hands and arms have never felt so nourished after slathering myself up with the leftovers. For fun I tried my new fave eco tube and it seems to be holding up nicely. I also had some blue containers from other various creams I have experimented with over the years, but please put your cream in a mason jar as that is the style right now and really does look adorable.

Glass mason jars and chalkboard paint- one just cannot get enough of these things these days.

Starfish Soap Company’s Shea Butter Souffle

250 grams shea butter

25 grams aloe butter

10 grams mango butter

88 grams avocado oil

a few drops of vitamin e oil

approx. 6 grams of essential oils I used Palmarosa and Lavender


Simple body product recipes

Adventures in Deodorant part two


Lavender shea coconut oil deodorant bar

I decided to try making a deodorant that was not only natural and made in a plastic-free container but has baking soda as an active ingredient instead of the bentonite clay recipe which made my solid deodorant a darker green colour in part one of my recent adventures in making homemade deodorant.

Here is a very fast and simple recipe, it took me less than an hour to make these fragrant natural deodorants in my new favourite cardboard push up tubes.

Lavender Shea Butter Coconut oil Baking Soda Deodorant Bar- that’s a mouthful!

  • 24 grams beeswax- I use unbleached yellow beeswax beads because they are very easy to weigh and melt quickly
  • 16 grams unprocessed shea butter- this is just what I had on hand, I find it adds a nice gentle moisturizing element
  • 60 grams solid coconut oil – also good for gentle slip and has antibacterial qualities
  • 20 grams arrowroot powder- to absorb moisture
  • 32 grams baking soda- to neutralize body odor- the main reason we are all using deodorant isn’t it?
  • 4 grams essential oil- today I used good ol Lavender because who doesn’t love lavender pits?

Melt your beeswax and coconut oil in a double boiler or in small increments in the microwave, stirring often… remember to be careful with beeswax as it can be flammable. Slowly stir in your shea butter after the beeswax is melted.  Briskly stir in your baking soda and arrowroot powder and then thoroughly stir in your essential oils. Pour your still liquid concoction into your tubes and let set. That’s it. You’re done. How easy was that?

In this case, I carefully followed the instructions for using these cardboard tubes. I waited until the melted oils were not too hot before I poured them out in small increments. I have had no problems with leakage at all- only a bit of staining, but I also was not being too careful with my pouring method. These glide on easily and smell amazing. The push-up bottoms work well. I am completely converted and will never have a plastic deodorant tube in my home again. Hoorah!

Good luck and make yourself some all natural great smelling deodorant.

You deserve it!

Below is the cardboard tube instructions


Simple body product recipes

Plastic free- Natural Deodorant Recipe

I have been meaning to attempt an all natural deodorant for a long time. I found a great company that sells cardboard push up tubes for balms that I have been meaning to try out for different products. My goal is to find the perfect plastic-free container for all of my products.

Many crafters have attempted to pour their deodorant into used toilet paper tubes which seems like a good idea but what I have been reading is that they are a bit flimsy and may leak. The containers that I am going to try are sturdy and thick walled. They also come with good instructions. Here is the container I chose for today’s project.

I like to weigh out all of my ingredients. Especially the first few times I make something. I have chosen not to use baking soda as I don’t want any irritants on my skin and I am a sensitive girl with a family of sensitive skinned people.

Here is a simple yet effective recipe weighed out in grams:

  • 22 grams beeswax beads to hold your deodorants shape
  • 16 grams mango butter, but you can use shea butter or cocoa butter instead.
  • 60 grams solid coconut oil, I used virgin coconut oil because I had some I wanted to use up
  • 16 grams of Bentonite clay-absorbs toxins
  • 4 grams of Arrowroot powder- to absorb moisture
  • approximately 2 grams of essential oils of your choice-I used Rosemary and Peppermint because I love the fresh scent and both have strong antibacterial properties

Weigh out all of your ingredients and melt your beeswax and solid coconut oil in a double boiler.

Add your mango butter ( or shea butter/cocoa butter) after the beeswax and coconut oil are completely melted, stir in your essential oils and then thoroughly stir in your clay and arrowroot powder. I bought the arrowroot powder when I lived in Calgary, but I am pretty sure you can buy it from any local natural food store. I had the bentonite clay from a long time ago as well. It was from Aquarius Aromatherapy online supply company in BC. They also carry Arrowroot powder, I just looked it up.

I have read that you should use only a glass container and a wooden spoon to mix up your bentonite clay but in this case, I didn’t have a wooden spoon on hand.

I carefully filled up my large cardboard push up tube. I also had an empty plastic container that was sent to me as a free sample, so I thought I would fill it to compare the two types of containers.

The instructions for the eco-tubes said to make sure the push-up disc is seated snuggly with the wax side up and to pour at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. It also said to pour the first 10 %  and then to wait until it is semi set up and then pour the rest. It was also recommended to fill up in stages to prevent air holes.

I waited until the ingredients cooled down- probably too much- as I was worried that it would leak out of the bottom- but it faired very well.  No leaks! I spooned in the rest and gave the tubes a nice hard thwack on the table to make sure there were no air bubbles. I had enough left over to spoon it into one more little sampler and one small round cardboard container as well.

I noticed my hands are very soft after cleaning up the kitchen and utensils, so that is a good sign that my deodorant will be gentle on my pits. The clay makes your deodorant quite dark coloured- but I like it. It looks like mother nature would approve. Especially the ones in a cardboard push up eco-tubes! I popped them in the freezer to set them up nicely. It rolls on smoothly and my armpits have never smelled lovelier. This is a fairly soft recipe so next time I am going to add a bit more beeswax and will use only arrowroot powder to make a white stick.

I don’t’ really care about the colour, as I am not one to wear white silk outfits… they don’t look good with salsa stains on them anyways!


Click on the link below for ordering eco packaging.

Want to feel like the coolest soap maker/crafter on the block? Listen to this song while you are making your natural deodorant. Because you are the coolest chick on the block if you make your own deodorant.  We just went to see this band live at The Queens in Nanaimo. My ears are still ringing but boy it was worth it.

The Pack AD- Yes I know.




Simple body product recipes

Solid Perfume Recipe- the sky’s the limit


Here is a fairly simple recipe for solid perfumes. It is so easy that it is a great quick project to do with your not too young kids’or teens if they are interested in making all natural products. They can make them for party favours for a birthday party, or if you are super organized you can make this a fun little craft to do at a birthday party. It is fast and easy and the kids can make up their own special blends of scents.  I use little metal slider tins for packaging, but these can also be poured into larger tube containers for an easy roll-on type of perfume balm.

This is a recipe for approximately 11 small slider tins. Remember to use a good quality scale and these ingredients are measured out in grams including the essential oils. You can easily double this recipe too if you want to make more.

30 grams of beeswax

42 grams mango butter or cocoa butter

56 grams olive oil

a pinch of orris root powder

14 grams essential oil such as a high-quality Bulgarian lavender

or I use something called PMS Blend from FPI North America in Vancouver. It is made with essential oils of Lavender, Clary Sage, and Lemongrass. I call the perfume Serenity as it is meant to be calming for women- I sometimes wish to market it as Anti- B**ch serum, but find that as Serenity it does just fine. Another great scent is Rose Geranium, I find if you use a good quality oil the scent stays strong for over a year. The combinations are really endless for mixing essential oils. Trying to find things in your kitchen to make this with? Try some real vanilla extract.

In a double boiler or in short increments in the microwave if you have one, melt the beeswax, the mango butter or cocoa butter until totally melted- I use a large glass measuring cup because of the pouring spout. Remember to not overheat beeswax as it is flammable.  Slowly stir in the olive oil and if you like add a pinch of orris root. I use the orris root to anchor the scent of the essential oils. This is not totally necessary, but if you have some use it. Measure out your essential oils and stir in at the end. Quickly pour into your containers and allow to cool completely before you put the lids on. These set up quickly and can be ready to use as soon as they are set up.

Labelling these tins are really fun. I find if you look around on Etsy you can buy quite inexpensive digital artwork to use for your labels. Check out the Digital collage club, or type in the word steampunk digital labels. You can get the labels printed up at your local print shop. I have had good results in Nanaimo with Arc Print.

Click below for a link to a great local BC company that carries my favourite slide tins- the mini slip tins would work nicely too.


Simple body product recipes

Music to Make Lip Balm by—

Here are a couple of lip balm recipes for you to try. I believe they make about 20 plastic oval lip balm containers which hold the same amount ( 15 oz) as the standard lip balm containers but look a lot niftier.

  1. In a glass measuring cup melt your beeswax and solid butters. You can use a double boiler or put in Microwave if you have one for 20 seconds at a time, check and stir and continue until melted. Be careful not to overheat your beeswax as it is flammable. ( I am told)
  2. When your beeswax and butters are almost completely melted add your liquids and at the very end stir in your vitamin E oil and essential oils if you are using them.
  3. I don’t think you need much essential oils or flavour. I find any flavouring takes away from the moisturizing properties of the balm. But a little bit is okay with me.
  4. I have used a nice natural Butterscotch for many years that is delicious. A trick that I have used successfully- if you don’t have that little lip balm tray, is to put a thick broccoli elastic around your tubes to hold them in place while you pour. But have a steady hand!
  5. Put the caps on after they solidify. This shouldn’t take too long.


This lip balm tray that is worth the small cost!!! I was cheap about this for years and suffered. So please if you can learn anything from me- is purchase a tray with the little scraper that comes with it.


If you want a little bit of colour you can mix in a pinch of Alkanet Root powder, a simple ingredient that you can find at any online soap supply company site. Melt it into the warmed oils a bit and it will give you a nice gentle reddish tint.

Below is another recipe, but please feel free to swap oils for what you have around the house, even olive oil is nice.


Here are some music ideas to play while making your lovely yummy lip balm.

  • The Shoop Shoop Song ( It’s in his kiss)  by Betty Everett but go ahead and listen to the Cher version if you must.
  • Be My Baby by The Ronettes
  • Run Around Sue 
  • I Heard it Through the Grapevine

If you want a different era I suggest I Melt With You by Modern English, while you are melting your beeswax carefully of course.

How about Pink’s Who Knew? After you try your lip balm and you want to dance and lip sinc around the living room with your soft luscious lips… Shoop Shoop is good for this too. And all you ex Desoto Dancers out there reading this and perhaps thinking about making lip balm will know this one by heart.

click for shoop shoop song

I also suggest  Friday I’m in Love by The Cure when you are done and are feeling frisky and happy that you have done such a lovely job! If you really want to get the lip balm party going it is obvious that you must pull out The Black Eyed Peas. Their music has saved the day many a time on a dark and long rainy weekend!