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Dear Soapy Maven Goddess

what you really should make is….

Dear Soapy Maven Goddess:

Do you ever get mad when you are at a farmer’s market showing your wares and some stranger will come up to you and tell you what you really should make instead of what you have been doing? In the meantime, all THEY are doing is wandering through a farmer’s market looking at stuff and eating 5000 calorie cinnamon buns dripping with icing while we entrepreneurs are most likely- besides working at other jobs are also creating lovely art or craft on the side to help pay our bills. It just makes me fume that people feel the need to advise a crafter on what else they should be doing in their non-existent spare time. What should I do? Is there anything I can say to make them realize that unwanted advice is not a virtue?


A Fuming Artisan

Dear FA:

Yes, I do know what you are talking about. I have encountered this phenomenon too many times to mention. And while I almost always am gracious and thank people for their kind suggestions, sometimes I do want to pop them one, right in the kisser. Especially when the encounter goes something like this- ” Excuse me, but what kinds of soaps do you have? I will take about five minutes explaining the forty or so different kinds of soaps that I made in between growing a vegetable garden and cooking all my families meals from scratch and working another job, while always coming up with something new and exciting.  They often overlook the vast array of wares that has taken me years to perfect- and they almost always say with pouty lips, “OH you don’t’ make such and such? ” It is certainly frustrating. But I think it is just a way that those non-creative types have at getting back at us. They are trying to annoy crafters by wasting our precious time and not really wanting to buy something from us because they are saving up for their cinnamon bun/chocolate scone addiction.

It is certainly something to fume about. The only advice I can give you dear Fuming Artisan is to shake it off.  Maybe have a secret sign with another artisan, like pretend something just bit you in the bottom—slap your behind and scream ahhhh! alerting your fellow crafter across the way of what is occurring so that they are ready for this annoying person. Then maybe they can put up a be back in a few minutes sign while they come over to talk. Now you can share a scone and laugh together, while this annoying person passes on by. They are probably on their way to the cinnamon bun vendor to ask them why they don’t make carrot cake.

Love always,

The Soapy Maven Goddess.

cinnamon bun at Blenz on Denman

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