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Rhassoul Clay and Apricot Oil Sudsy Shampoo Bar Recipe

Today I was in the mood to make up a recipe to use up some Rhassoul clay that I ordered and forgot about. I thought it might be fun to use some of my delicious carrot seed essential oil and lemongrass to scent it and for extra goodness, I added a considerable amount of apricot kernel oil which besides being very good for all parts of your body is also great for your hair.

I decided not to super fat this batch and left it at 5 % which is not usually my style but I noticed my husband who faithfully uses my superfatted nettle shampoo bar for years has been getting a bit of build up, and we are not the kind of people who will buy cider vinegar to use in our hair as a rinse- we love it in our salad dressing! So anyways, I will get back to you to let you know how fabulous it is for hair or not… Rhassoul clay is purported to leave your hair soft and reduces flakiness. Which was why I must have ordered it in the first place; I thought it would make a decadent shampoo bar ingredient.

See recipe below:

Rhassoul Clay and Apricot Oil Sudsy Shampoo Bar Palm free!

900 grams of coconut oil

640 grams of castor oil

640 grams pomace olive oil

260 grams of apricot kernel oil

260 grams of cocoa butter

1026 grams of distilled water weighed out on a scale

384 grams of lye

42 grams Rhassoul clay stirred in at trace

about 100 grams of essential oils

in this batch, I used a combination of clary sage, lemongrass, lavender and wild steam distilled carrot seed oil stirred in at trace.

Please see basic soap making instructions if this is your first time making soap.

This batch took a short 8 minutes of combination hand stirring and blender stirring. I made sure to blend the clay well at trace. I insulated this batch for about 24 hours, popped them in the freezer for a few hours while I visited my friend down the street while she served me tea and cookies on her deck.

When I returned they easily came out of the mold. I let it sit for one night and cut them this morning into nice chunky pieces. My hands already feel very soft ( I should have been wearing gloves I know but I couldn’t find them.) Or it could be the Himalayan salt lotion bars I made but that will be another post. The clay gave the bars a lovely earthy dusky, colour and they smell sharp like a combination of sunshine and green leaves, just what I want my hair to smell like.

And if it doesn’t work for my hair type, I know my skin will love it.


Here is another easy recipe to use with this versatile ingredient

Rhassoul clay face mask.

Put about a heaping tablespoon of Rhassoul clay into a nice non-metal bowl, slowly add a little bit of water enough to make a paste that will stick onto your face, add a drop of tea tree or lavender oil and spread this paste to dry on your face. Let it do its work for about 10-15 minutes, wipe off. How easy is that? And no bad preservatives.

Please note: some people have allergies to clays and essential oils so test on a small patch of skin first before slathering onto your face!

Also, don’t breath in the tiny particles… for obvious reasons.

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