Soap school 101

Soap Stamping It Up!


I just made a nice batch of nettle shampoo bars but because they are palm free and quite sticky with the castor oil that is needed to make the bubbly part of shampoo- I pour these bars into a regular old square mold. To liven them up I bought this cute little mold from Milky Way Molds online from Aquarius Aromatherapy Soap Supply in BC. I waited about five days before stamping this batch because it is quite soft. I will also let these cure a bit longer maybe about 6 weeks.

I swiped a mallet from my husband and here is the result. I usually give it about two good thwacks.

I was tired of hunting for stinging nettles in the forest so I planted some in the garden. I do not advise this. They really like the garden and pop up everywhere making weeding quite painful. Although this batch is from a little corner of the vegetable garden. It made a really nice deep green.

Sorry I have been a bit behind in this blog. I am currently taking a course in ceramics which is fun but making me very busy. ( also a course on writing drama for radio and film- silly me!)

On the positive side, I am learning how to make clay stamps so stay tuned for the tutorial to make your own personalized stamps.