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It’s Not Easy Being Green


As Kermit the Frog says, it’s not easy being green. But this in not always the case in soap making. I have some favourite ways to make natural green coloured soap. I used to use chromium oxides etc. which are deemed safe for cosmetic use, but  I figure that seeing as I am going through all the trouble to make a completely natural  bar of soap- why not use colourants that not only look divine, but also add some great skin care properties too?

One of my favourite green soap additive to use is French Green Clay. It gives your soap a lovely mild cool green. This clay not only lifts toxins from your skin but also adds minerals back to your skin after you use it.  I  often use it for my peppermint and rosemary bars . I use a lot of clays in my bars because of the beautiful muted tones they give you finished product.

Next on my list of favourites for a nice fresh green colour is to use stinging nettles. I pick them carefully and then wash and boil them up in  distilled water. I puree them and use this soupy mixture as my lye water. This gives your soap a nice middle shade of green. Nettle is great for eczema and is supposed to help stimulate hair growth- which is why I often use it in my shampoo bar recipes. If you pack in a lot more nettles, your bars acquire a deeper shade of green.

For another shade of green, I like to use organic seaweed powder- the colour shown below is a bit on the earthy side but I love it and of course we all know seaweed powder is great for your skin, it is packed full of great minerals! I like to use it with my Siberian Fir Needle Essential oil or sometimes Basil and Lime, depending on my mood.

Pictured below is my salt bars that are mixed in with the seaweed powder, what a nice natural colour, these bars have rosemary and lavender in them.

One more colour I use to add a bit of a greenish hue, is hemp seed oil. I love its soft moisturizing properities- mixed in with some shea butter makes up a really decadent bar. Pictured below is the colour of unrefined hemp seed oil in a glass mason jar, next to it is French Green Clay.

Sometimes I use a combination of different greens to swirl in a batch of soap to give your soap different exotic looking layers.

Here is my inspiration for today’s post- from a walk at Sandwell park.


Click on the link below to hear Kermit’s song- where he says his wise wise words such as-

” you blend in with so many other ordinary things” and “green is the colour of spring”


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