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Not Just Another Whipped Shea Butter Recipe—( yes it is)



Today’s recipe is super simple. It hardly takes any time at all. The hardest part I find when making up a whipped shea butter recipe, is finding all of my ingredients- especially finding the attachments for my hand-held crappy blender for instance or searching for the recipe that I wrote down on a scrap of oily paper somewhere. It was not too many years ago that I figured out that I had to have one book, and one book only to scribble all of my recipes down into. So I bought myself this sweet little book and now I hardly ever lose any of my recipes. Below is a picture of the smartest thing I ever did for myself.


First you must pick out an album- you heard it right- album-— musical options are very important to get you going.

Today I chose the Go Go’s. Go girl power! And did you know they wrote all of their own songs?


Measure all of your ingredients out in grams. Melt your butters in a double boiler then stir in your avocado oil. You are welcome to interchange any liquid oils you like, I just happened to have a bottle of avocado oil that I wanted to use up, but feel free to try sweet almond oil, apricot oil or even olive oil. Olive oil tends to be a bit greasy- it sits on top of the skin.

I like to stir in a bit of vitamin e oil after everything is liquidy and let this melted concoction sit for about 20 minutes to cool to room temperature.  I put half of my essential oils in at this point, and the rest in after the first freeze. Put your container into the freezer and set your timer for approximately 20 minutes. Take out and blend this for about 5 minutes and then pop back into the freezer for another 15 minutes or so. Take this out of the freezer and whip up with the turbo button if you desire for approximately five more minutes. And Voila! That’s it. A creamy batch of whipped goodness for your skin. How easy was that? This batch made a bit more than I really needed so I suggest to give these away to everyone you know to get in their good graces. My hands and arms have never felt so nourished after slathering myself up with the leftovers. For fun I tried my new fave eco tube and it seems to be holding up nicely. I also had some blue containers from other various creams I have experimented with over the years, but please put your cream in a mason jar as that is the style right now and really does look adorable.

Glass mason jars and chalkboard paint- one just cannot get enough of these things these days.

Starfish Soap Company’s Shea Butter Souffle

250 grams shea butter

25 grams aloe butter

10 grams mango butter

88 grams avocado oil

a few drops of vitamin e oil

approx. 6 grams of essential oils I used Palmarosa and Lavender


One thought on “Not Just Another Whipped Shea Butter Recipe—( yes it is)

  1. Is this greasy? I have made two different lotions so far and both are super greasy, which I really don’t like. This sounds like a great recipe!


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